Health Promotions in Schools of Music

2004 Conference | Sponsors | University of North Texas | Performing Arts Medical Association



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Details for Action

As first fruits of this project, HPSM offers a general strategic framework for schools of music to become settings for health promotion. HPSM also offers recommendations for practice and priority initiatives, including the urgent need to address the risk for hearing loss among music students and for music educators to prepare future teachers in prevention education.

HPSM recognizes that each school of music is unique and understands that there is a need for quality teaching materials designed to support these recommendations. The goals of HPSM include the ongoing development of models for implementation along with support materials for use in various educational contexts.

In partnership with the Performing Arts Medicine Association, HPSM will use the Internet to house and disseminate various resources, including short papers on health issues for music students, DVD or video information, or other sets of instructional materials.

Additional information will be published in the Medical Problems of Performing Artists journal. An ongoing priority is to encourage and support research focusing on both the needs of music students and the consequences of various educational interventions.